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News & Updates

News & Updates

Waterford, CT Green Party Adopts Official Platform

Posted on August 5, 2015 at 10:45 PM

FOR RELEASE August 4, 2015

Media Contact: Joshua Steele Kelly, [email protected]


Waterford, CT Green Party Adopts Official Platform


Waterford, CT- On Monday, August 3rd, 2015, the Waterford Green Party (WGP) unanimously voted to adopt a comprehensive platform for the 2015 municipal election. The ambitious platform focuses on five specific areas that the Party believes requires improvement, including government structure and services, education, infrastructure, ecology, and fair economic practices.


The Green platform’s section about government and services largely focuses on having town decisions be more transparent and accessible to the public, and finding ways to increase the ability of citizens to be involved in the governance of the town. The WGP hopes to do this by making more records available online and by making it easier for citizens to volunteer for and be appointed to commissions.


In their platform, the WGP clearly states that our schools must be a place where students feel safe and respected, and where our teachers and administration understands that each student learns differently. The Green Party hopes to lessen the emphasis that our school system, like many others, has on standardized testing, so that we can have more of an opportunity to teach our students lifelong skills rather than to a test. The WGP also hopes to have the Board of Education create a permanent, non-voting student seat on the Board of Education, so that we can ensure that the student voice is heard clearly by those with the power to make decisions.


On the subject of infrastructure, the WGP hopes to act on the reports for which the town has paid. These reports suggest that the town infrastructure is in enough disrepair that it would cost over $600,000 per year more than we currently spend now just to keep the roads in the condition they are in now. The WGP hopes to have the town be proactive in improving our infrastructure rather than reactive after roads fall to disrepair. The WGP also hopes to create more sidewalks and bike lanes in town for non-motorized, safe access to the town.


The environment is of utmost importance to the Green Party, as we require healthy ecosystems in order to survive as a community on this planet. The WGP seeks to implement policies that support businesses and individuals who seek to utilize eco-friendly practices, decrease the amount of harmful litter found in the town, and preserve as many natural lands as possible, with the understanding that some new development can be necessary for a healthy community and economy.


The Waterford Green Party believes that a positive community must be built on a fair economy that allows every citizen to be able to live above the poverty line and to pursue successful careers of their choice. Therefore, the WGP outlines in their platform that they will support the regional movement towards adopting a living wage as a legal minimum wage, that they will support policies and decisions that favor locally owned businesses, and that they will support tax and zoning policies that spur the creation of high-wage, environmentally responsible jobs.


The points listed above are just a glimpse into the platform of the Waterford Green Party for 2015. The rest of the platform can be read in several forms on their website, at the following address:



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