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News & Updates

News & Updates

Bill Collins Wins Ballot Access as Green Party Candidate

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 4:00 PM

FOR RELEASE July 28th, 2014


Media Contact: Joshua Steele Kelly, [email protected]



Waterford, CT- Bill Collins, a long-time resident of Waterford, Connecticut, has just won ballot access as a Green Party candidate for the 38th State House of Representatives district. Many citizens are not aware of the struggles that third party candidates must endure to have their name put on the ballot; Dr. Collins’ road to gaining ballot access has been challenging, as the State of Connecticut has laws on the books that prohibit third party candidates from appearing on the ballot without collecting signatures totaling at least 1% of the total number of individuals that voted for the position in question in the last election cycle. These signatures must, of course, all be from citizens of the area that the position represents. In Dr. Collins’ case, he was required to obtain these signatures from residents within the 38th State House of Representatives district, which includes Waterford and a part of Montville. Republican and Democratic candidates are not required to collect signatures in order to be on the ballot. When asked about this, Josh Kelly, Founder and Chairperson of the Waterford Green Party, said that “Dr. Collins earning ballot access is a huge triumph for all third party and non-affiliated candidates. The obstacles placed in front of non-major party candidates is an outrageous affront to the true democratic principles that this nation was founded on and should strive to preserve.”


Dr. Collins grew up in Kansas and, after serving in the US Navy on the USS Boston, moved to Rhode Island after completing his PhD in American literature at Kansas State University. He began his teaching career at the University of Rhode Island, where he served on various educational committees. After moving to Waterford, he taught at Waterford High School and the Community College of Rhode Island. He has lived in Waterford for over twenty-five years. Dr. Collins has four children and has played an active role as a parent volunteer. He is also a member of the Niantic Community Church, and since joining the Green Party, he has helped organize support for the Party and platform development.


As a State Representative for District 38, Dr. Collins wishes to promote sustainable small business development, land conservation, and education reform that opposes Common Core standardization. He is running on the Green Party platform, which includes promoting and supporting Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Economic Justice and Community-Based Economics, Feminism and Gender Equity, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future Focus and Sustainability. The Green Party is also known for not accepting donations from corporations, businesses, and Political Action Committees (PACs). Kelly noted that “having a Green run for State Representative will also highlight the fact that most individuals are tired of the corporate-dominated politics of the Democrats and the Republicans that accept donations from big business. The people desire politicians and statesmen that will work for the good of the individual, community, state, nation, and world rather than for the good of their upcoming campaign.”


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