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Waterford Green Party Selects 2019 Officers

The Waterford Green Party has selected its new Town Committee members, which in 2019 will include Carl D'Amato (Chair), Darcy Van Ness (Secretary), Alex Kuvalanka (Director of Communications), and others. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Annual Meeting this December, and we look forward to having a very productive a progressive 2019 with you!

2017 Municipal Elections

Waterford’s 2017 municipal elections were highly contested, with over 50 candidates running on three different party lines. Newest to town is the Waterford Green Party, having been founded back in the fall of 2013. The Waterford Greens have been growing over the past several years, running their first candidate in 2014, and winning their first election in 2015. In the 2017 race they nearly doubled the size of their slate from 2015, endorsing a total of nine candidates.

Out of the three parties, the Greens were the group to exceed all expectations. Green-endorsed candidates won seven out of nine races, winning four seats on the town’s Representative Town Meeting, a position on the Board of Education, a seat on the Board of Assessment Appeals, and an alternate position on the Zoning Board of Appeals. In total, the Green-endorsed candidates now holds a total of 10 appointed and elected seats in the town government. Furthermore, the election results in Waterford set a Green Party record for the largest contingency of Greens to serve on a legislative assembly in New England. The previous record in New England was 6.7% in New Haven, CT from 2001-2003, according to the Green Party of the United States website.

Voter turnout was higher in 2017 than it was in 2013 by over 6%, much of which the Greens believe can be attributed to their presence on the ballot and the fierce campaign they ran. Over 95% of registered voters were given Green literature or had their door knocked on by a Green candidate. Five of the seven candidates running on the Green line were the highest vote-getter in their race as well, further demonstrating a strong mandate for the elected Greens. Green candidates that were top vote-getters include Deb Roselli Kelly (Board of Ed), Mike Buscetto III (Board of Assessment Appeals), Darcy Van Ness (Zoning Board Alternate), Andrew Frascarelli (RTM D1), and Joshua Steele Kelly (RTM D3). Only Carl D’Amato (RTM D4) and Baird Welch-Collins (RTM D2) won in a lesser place. While the Greens did work with the Democrats on the ballot, Welch-Collins is the first candidate to be elected as a Green alone in a contested race in Waterford.

Who We Are

We are Waterford residents that have come together to form an independent political party. We are citizens of the town who are tired of two-party politics, who have a progressive vision for the future of Waterford, and who seek to do away with corporate influence in our political and governmental systems. We do not accept money from corporate interests, and rely entirely on donations from citizens like you.

The Waterford Green Party is an official chapter of the Green Party of Connecticut.

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